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Frequently Asked Questions

No, hair transplant could be done to people who still have hair on their body which can be used as the donor. There is no restriction on the gender. If you are hesitating about the length of your hair, there is a new technique called Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant, especially women prefer it to have a nicer look.

It is upon the quality of the hair in the first hand. Few weeks after the transplantation, you can notice some hair loss on your scalp. This is an ordinary phase of healing. After a few months, you will see the hair transplant results in the growth of the hair.

With FUE technique there is no need to worry, FUE is done by extracting hair follicles. So, there will not be a striped scar on your scalp. Transplanted hair follicles will be set on your scalp and fall out for a while and the scalp will be treated at this period.

Hair transplant is done with your own hair. So it will look as natural as your hair.

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Advantages of Hair Transplant

Improves your self - esteem

The permanent solution for baldness

Cost effective

Natural growth with your own hair

” My surgeon Mr. Ozge did a great job. Now I check my head and smile. If you are thinking about having a hair transplant in Istanbul, I deeply suggest IHTC for finding yourself a good surgeon. Also, the IHTC team is providing accommodation and VIP transfer services by your choice.  “

Gregory Kowalski

” I couldn’t believe the performance of my surgeon and his assistants! My former surgeon did a mess, but Dr. Mert saved my scalp. I’m cheerful that I choose Istanbul Hair Transplant Center. “

Phil Nolan

” Istanbul Hair Transplant Center did a great job. My hair transplantation results are more than I expected. Also, their service included many things (even accommodation). Now I enjoy my newly growing hair at the top! Totally satisfying. “

Firas Alkhateeb