Hair transplant procedure is a classic plastic surgery. Millions have done it and millions secretly or openly want to fight with hair loss by using it. It could be expected that everything about it was already said. After all, the internet is full of guides and pages dedicated to this subject. However, still, many people have trouble getting reliable information. They wonder – does a hair transplant really work? How will my recovery look like? As one of the leaders when it comes to hair transplant in Turkey, we take on ourselves the task to introduce you to the world of this miraculous procedure.

Hair Loss

Almost all of us, men, know how it feels. You check the mirror every day and see as the hair fall down one by one and our hairline moves upwards. It seems like an inevitable destiny. Moreover, this destiny means for many of us a decreasing self-esteem. We don’t feel that handsome anymore and our partners are sometimes eager to confirm our suspicions. However, is hair loss really an irreversible doom waiting for the significant (66% by the age of 25) percentage of males? Not to mention that when it comes to hair transplant, women may need it too. While the percentage is much smaller than men, there are some female patients who search for a solution to hair loss.

Yes, and no, in a way. We need to admit; it is sometimes really hard to reverse or even stop the hair loss through natural methods. Still, thankfully, we live in the 21st century and all the achievements of medicine and plastic surgery are at hand. This way, we can achieve some spectacular hair restoration.

Hair Loss Treatments

hair transplant on eyebrows

There are several methods of fighting with hair loss. However, their effectiveness is often hard to predict and, in some cases, based more on belief rather than scientific data. These include:

• Natural treatments – several plants and substances naturally occurring in nature are supposed to cure the hair loss. However, their efficiency is still a matter of question.
• Medicines for hair loss – medicines containing minoxidil and finasteride have a good effect on hair restoration in only a minority of men. Hence, only a handful of patients are able to truly enjoy their positive effects.
• PRP Treatment – PRP (platelet-rich plasma) procedure involves injections of blood plasma into one’s skin. It is rumored to have a stimulating effect on one’s skin. As a result, it helps some patients in regaining their hair. It is often paired with a hair transplant as a supporting treatment.
• Procedures such as FUE or FUT have proven to bring really positive results in a large majority of patients struggling with hair loss. Therefore, they are the major tool in fighting with male baldness.

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Hair Transplant

As simple as it may sound, it is not an easy procedure. Doctors have to be really skilled to conduct it. They need to extract living hair and place them in the new area while avoiding killing them in the process. Additionally, new hair has to be properly placed in order to give a natural look once they grow.

Why is it so popular though? It is commonly accepted as the key to a successful hair restoration. Many men with male pattern baldness decide to undergo this procedure in order to look younger, fuller of energy and more handsome.

When it comes to cost, it depends mostly on the country you have it in. As an example, Turkey prices start from just 1.300, while in Western Europe or the USA the same procedure can be 2-3 times higher. Additionally, the number of grafts also determines the price.

Seeing this price many may think that it is simply too expensive. However, please remember that with a hair transplant, permanent positive effects are totally achievable. You can enjoy your new hair just after 3 months or so, while the final results will be visible within a year from the procedure.

Of course, there is also the topic of hair transplant scar. In FUT method, doctors remove a strip of your skin leaving a linear scar. Still, it won’t be really visible under your hair. As for FUE, it doesn’t leave any scar. That’s why it becomes more and more popular in the recent years.


Hair Transplant Techniques

hair transplant aftercare

Currently, there are three main techniques which doctors utilize in clinics around the world. These include:

• FUT Method – FUT is the classic of hair transplant procedure. In it, doctors remove the stripe of skin containing numerous hair and later on, separate it into singular hair grafts. Then, hair grafts are placed in the area requiring hair restoration.

• Direct Hair Insertion (DHI Hair Transplant) – it is expected to be the modernized version of FUE hair transplant. In it, the specialist removes hair grafts one by one using a special device and plants them into the new area. While precise, it requires a long time and a very skilled doctor. Additionally, it involves a higher hair transplant cost.

• FUE Hair Transplant – it is the new golden standard among hair transplant procedures. Many clinics offer it, it is easier and much more cost-effective than DHI hair transplant but it does not cause a hair transplant scar like FUT. In it, doctors remove hair grafts one by one, prepare them carefully and plant in the new area. When it comes to FUE hair transplant, Istanbul and other Turkish cities are one of the top destinations in the world.

Hair Transplant on Face

Hair transplant on crown is not the only type available. It finds use also in other areas which lack sufficient hair, such as beard, moustache, and eyebrows. When it comes to hair transplant technique, it is comparable to that of normal procedure. Hair is extracted from other body parts, often the back of one’s head, and placed into the new area.

  • Beard Transplant – bear transplant is very popular among men who cannot grow a sufficiently thick beard and want to correct this imperfection. More often than not it results in great success. When it comes to hair transplant, beard is the most popular area right after the scalp.
  • Hair Transplant on Eyebrows – while some people fight with too hairy eyebrows, other have the opposite problem. People with very thin, not really visible eyebrows can have an eyebrow transplant to make their eyes and expressions more visible and impressive.
  • Moustache Transplant – similarly to beard transplant, moustache transplant is a solution for people with thin facial hair. It is a common choice for people from East Asia who often naturally do not have impressive moustache hair.

Hair Transplant Cliniques

Choosing the right clinic is a big task but many people do not put much attention to it. While we agree that hair transplant prices are also important, the quality of the procedure should not escape our attention. As we often remind, when it comes to hair transplant reviews, Turkey is one of the top destinations. However, it doesn’t mean that all clinics there are equally worth our attention. You shall check the qualifications and certificates of the surgeon, his experience, and the profile of the institution. Many general plastic surgery clinics offer the hair transplant procedure while lacking experience and performing just one-two of them in a week.

We don’t want to scare you, don’t get us wrong. To the contrary – we are here to help you find among clinics with best hair transplant success rates. Do not hesitate, we will make sure that you won’t suffer from a hair transplant failure.

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